Customer Experience vs. Marketing Technology: How to leverage both successfully!

Joris van der Waart (
Season 2 | Episode 3

Technology is getting more important everyday in the lives of customers and marketers. In this episode we talk to the CMO of mobile tech company CM.COM on how to leverage the latest trends in marketing technology to create a successful marketing strategy.

Podcast summary:
– Mobile customer journey
– What is the most important ID-tag of the customer
– RCS: The new industry standard of SMS and mobile communication
– What the future of mobile technology and communication will look like
– What is a super app?
– The impact of Voice Search and digital assistants on marketing
– Why branding is becoming even more important in the future
– Some great tips for marketers on how to be successful in marketing technology
– We talk WeChat, Uber, Alexa and many more great examples

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Marketing is about 3 things: Trust, trust and trust

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