Heineken: Building a global brand on local insights

Anuraag Trikha (Global Brand Director, Heineken)
Season 2 | Episode 1

Every brand marketer and entrepreneur should love this interview with Anuraag Trikha, Global Brand Director at Heineken. He shares his learnings and insights after years of being responsible for Heineken’s communication in over 192 countries.

Episode cheat sheet:
* What it is that makes Heineken unique
* How Heineken builds a global brand for local markets
* How important it is to be consistent
* How global co-creation leads to valuable local insights
* How you can’t kill mediocrity without creativity
* The story of an awesome omnichannel campaign surrounding the Champion’s League with Jose Mourinho
* How to use personalization for your own brand
* What Anuraag means with ‘swipe up’ marketing
* What metrics Heineken uses to measure successful branding
* How to stay lean as one of the biggest brands in the world
* Working together as one while your marketing team is spread all over the world
* Anuraag’s 1 special tip for brand marketers and entrepreneurs

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Marketing is moving from ‘lean-back-on-the-couch marketing’ to ‘swipe up’ marketing. It’s all about super relevancy!

Anuraag Trikha