Inside Secrets to building a winning Inbound Marketing Strategy

Ian Stanley (Marketing Director EMEA, HubSpot)
Season 1 | Episode 4

The night before the Grow with Hubspot event in Brussels we had the chance to meet up with Ian Stanley, Marketing Director EMEA at Hubspot. As the inventors of Inbound Marketing, they know all about the best tactics and practices to building an Inbound Marketing strategy that will boost quality leads and sales for your business.

Cheat sheet:

  • What is Inbound Marketing and how to start?
  • How did the marketing and sales process change over time?
  • How to attract customers that actually want to buy from you?
  • Why your current marketing strategy might hurt your brand
  • Won’t there be an overload of content marketing?
  • Inbound Marketing missteps

Enjoy this Inbound Marketing Podcast with Ian Stanley from Hubspot. Any suggestions, feedback or Star Wars jokes? Let me know on Twitter @Dennisvdlo. To learn more on Inbound Marketing and the Hubspot Software, make sure you check out the Hubspot website and blog ( If you liked this episode, you can thank Ian for his time on Twitter @meanoiano.

"Making assumptions is dangerous, make sure you know your customer, your market and your data"

Ian Stanley - Hubspot