(Un)Branding Lessons in the age of disruption

Alison Stratten (Unmarketing & The Unpodcast)
Season 2 | Episode 2

Looking for inspiration to create a more awesome brand? You should definitely listen to this interview with the lovely Alison Stratten. She is the co-author of marketing books like Unmarketing, Unselling and Unbranding with marketing speaker (and husband) Scott Stratten. They are both the hosts of the very popular Unmarketing podcast The Unpodcast (go look them up after you listened to this episode).

The cheat sheet for this episode:
* Why do QR-codes kill kittens?
* What are the four key factors for branding success?
* What it’s like to be some kind of a ‘podcast celebrity’?
* How treating your employees better is critical for brand success
* What to share and not to share on social media
* What is sjmarketing?
* How to deal with customer feedback as a brand?

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The companies that focus on loyalty and customer value are here for the long term, the ones that go after the latest tool are the ones that perish.

Alison Stratten